Change of transmission

Including new asynchronous electric motor, start by liquid rheostat, gearbox, auxiliary control of slow rotation, with specifications of each component, project implementation and detail of parts.

Reverse Air filter

Preliminary plan, implementation project, technical specifications for supply, implementation plans, necessary activities programs, mounting direction and start up.

Tyre replacement. Project of coupling part, fixation elements to the collar.

Total programming of the operations, technical specifications and project management. Mill number 6.

Project to solver the crack problem at the front part of the mill

With detailed plans of parts and construction technical specifications. Mill number 1.

Change of the motor’s drive system

With a new asynchronous electric motor, with rheostat liquid ignition. Gearbox, reducer, auxiliary drive for slow rotation replacement. Specifications of each component. Mill number 1.

Feasibility study to change constructive technology

Welded plate versus melted steel, complete project and technical specifications for the purchase, collaborative programming for assembly. Mills 1 and 6.

Raw mills

Participation in the grinding project of mills 4 and 5 with the same separator. Performing the second stage of implementation, technical specifications for execution and supply, programming, administration and technical management and startup.

Pneumatic conveying from silos to the kiln

Project calculation and layout of the transportation pipe.