Roller shaft bending measurement.

Analysis. Girth gear wobbling and run out measurement after shell cutting. Kiln number 2.

In site surface grinding

Rollers of piers number 1, 2 and 4. tyre number 1. Kiln number 2.

Shell eccentricity measurement.

Pier number 3. Internal shell topography measurement. Kiln number 2.

Investment calculations

Pinion, girth gear, and thrust rollers replacement. Kiln number 2.

Finite element analysis

FEM to calculate the rollers stress and calculation of the possibility to down size the thickness during surface grinding. Kiln number 2.


For the parts construction for the in site rollers and tyres surfaces grinding.


To analyze the alternatives to extract alkalis from the kiln and transport it to the Clinker park.

Project to change the old auxiliary combustion motor. Kiln number 2.

Cambio de antiguo motor a explosión para el mando auxiliar Horno 2

Engineering execution to incorporate an auxiliary motor.

Analysis of all the available motors of Holcim Group to replace the kiln main motor.